Blog 8

Christian-von-Koenigsegg-Freevalve-Koenigsegg-Regera-1280x720Christian von Koenigsegg, inventor of Flex Fuel and founder of hypercar manufacturer Koenigsegg, has recently been hard at work with Koenigsegg’s sister company Freevalve designing a system that may postpone the internal combustion engine’s demise for many years to come. What they have come up with is a much-improved system of operating the combustion engine’s valves, eliminating many inefficient and unnecessary components and greatly increasing overall efficiency. All other things being equal, this system alone can improve fuel efficiency 15%, reduce emissions 35%, increase power by 45%, and increase torque by 47%. In addition, though this technology has only made its way to Koenigsegg’s multi million dollar hypercars so far, Freevalve is working with manufacturers as we speak to integrate this technology into economy cars. This technology could end up being the single greatest advancement to the internal combustion engine since turbocharging and direct injection, and if it is adopted by enough manufacturers the blissfully exciting internal combustion engine could remain a part of enthusiast cars in a future that is already turning towards the unmatched efficiency and practicality of electric vehicles.


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