Blog #7

There has been much excitement over the new TV series, The Grand Tour, starring the famed former hosts of the very successful series Top Gear. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May struck a deal with Amazon to create this new series and they have been given total creative freedom, which has had its upsides and its downsides. The upside of this is that they can now produce whatever content they want to without the BBC’s intervention, which used to be joked about on Top Gear regularly. This has resulted in ever more ridiculous and intriguing tests of vehicles and trips to dazzling foreign landscapes. There is however a considerable downside to this. Without the guidance of BBC producers forcing them to stick to car related content as much as possible they have ventured into more loose comedy focused material that doesn’t quite work as well. Though the three hosts are indeed funny, many of the new skits seem forced, as if they are trying to appeal to viewers with no interest in car content at all. However, when the hosts do less scripted, more car focused content their naturally entertaining qualities come out and all is well again. Hopefully they will be given feedback along these same lines so that they can adjust the show to let their real talents be fully realized in the second season.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAl9AAAAJDUxM2RhYjU0LTNhMGMtNDQ3ZC1iNDMxLTk3NzczZWM3YTIzOA


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