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There has been a lot of talk in the sports world recently about how some people feel sports writers and athletes need to “stick to sports.” Many fans criticize them for giving opinions on political and social issues when asked. It is of course understandable why the viewers who tune in for sports content would not be interested in the players’ political views but naturally they disagree with this sentiment. Dexter Fowler, a Cardinals outfielder, was recently asked about his opinion on the Trump immigration ban and was criticized for expressing his unhappiness towards the legislation by fans. Fowler’s wife is from Iran, which is in an understandable reason to be upset with the ban and as a result he does not regret expressing his opinions on the matter. Fowler said that “if a question is asked out of concern, [he is] going to answer the question truthfully” and has little concern for those who disagree with his answer. Many other athletes including Dwayne Wade are also beginning to speak on social issues regardless of the negative reactions in an attempt to bring to light the issues they care about. It seems this trend is inevitable, which is perhaps for the best as we move towards an increasingly uncertain future.


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