Blog post #4 Crime

Tuesday morning a woman by the name of Lauren Kirk-Coehlo was arrested after being linked to hate crimes committed at the Davis Islamic Center in California. The suspect was charged based on surveillance footage taken at the crime scene, where she was scene destroying six windows, damaging two bicycles, and even wrapping strips of bacon around the door handles of the center. She is said to have done around 7,000 dollars in damage and now is being held on $1,000,000 bail. Unfortunately similar crimes have been on the rise according to Monica Miller of the Sacramento FBI, earlier this month anti-Muslim graffiti was painted on a mosque just 34 miles away. Though these types of attacks certainly upset worshippers of the mosque, they are determined for “people to know more about [them].” The former president and chairmen of the center, Hamza El Nakhal, said he has “no ill feeling” towards the suspect and wishes “to have a cup of coffee or lunch with her to understand why she did what she did.”

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