Blog Post 2

I have noticed a trend recently in Automotive news that is particularly relevant to televised auto reporting. Since the unbelievable success of Top Gear under Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May almost every automotive show has attempted to recapture and repackage the comical trio’s antics that made the show so unique. Though many try these journalists are far from comedians and their jokes seem forced. The original trio that has now split from Top Gear to make their own show is even trying to push the comical situations further and they too are not coming of as being very genuine. Previously they’re antics were more car centric and the content that is so on their new show is as good if not better than that of the old show. However all too often they try to push situations and jokes that are for the most part not related to cars whatsoever and it just doesn’t work. Hopefully this is a short lived trend and these journalists stick to what they know.


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